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Succeeding in settling in Mauritius becomes easy when you know the workings of the Mauritian administration as well as the tax subtleties. This is why Visa Mauritius offers you specialists in all the facets that can cover your installation. The whole team of Visa Mauritius is at your side to accompany you from A to Z in the realization of your project until its full success.

An expert in asset management will provide you with advice and clarity to refine and optimize your project, choose the appropriate residence permit and / or the type of company appropriate to your project. He or she will be your advisor throughout the entire process of realising your project.

We will take care of the constitution of your personal and/or professional file as well as the planning of all your appointments with the Mauritian administrations, banks and the various stakeholders you may need.

During your appointments with the Economic Development Board (formerly Board Of Investment) and the Mauritian administrations for incorporation of company, you will be accompanied by a specialist consultant for 10 years.

A chartered accountant will be able to take care of the accounting of your company and its administrative follow-up after its creation.

For your personal installation, you will be able to rely on our property hunter to find the housing of your dreams as well as a specialist in installation assistance to school your children, find a car or bring your pets.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We make every effort to provide you with adapted solutions, allow the rapid completion of your project and offer you a follow-up throughout the installation process.

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Living in Mauritius



Mauritius, its beaches, its coral reef, its Creole cuisine, its welcoming population.

Who has never dreamt of spending their holidays there?

Mauritius is not only a holiday resort, its economy is booming, Mauritius has great ambitions and offers to those who want to take part in it an advantageous taxation (no more indirect taxes), modern telecommunication infrastructures (fibre, ADSL), a road network in full modernization, business districts.

A high quality school system, from primary to secondary (French or English), allows children to continue their schooling in excellent conditions.

Language is not a hindrance because even though English is the official language, all Mauritians speak English, French and Créole.

Indeed, the Island is gradually acquiring all the western services, sophisticated clinics, shops and consumer goods, leisure activities.

Whether you settle down as a retired, an investor or a professional, the change is stress-free, we take care of it.

The members of our team have experienced this adventure and are aware of your concerns. We anticipate and answer your questions to allow you to settle in complete serenity.

Many people have chosen to make this paradise their daily life.


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Why choose Mauritius ?


Through its singular history, alternately French and British, Mauritius has preserved a strong European heritage, mixing French and British culture to which must be added Creole and Indian culture.

Mauritian culture, like its sister island, the aptly named Reunion Island, is a melting pot of cultures and a real success of living together.

3 languages for a single country

Although Mauritius was French for a shorter period of time than it was British, 95 years as opposed to 154, the French language remains the usual language on the whole island, to which must be added Mauritian Creole and English.

English is the official and administrative language. The majority of the documents with the various organizations are thus to be filled in English. However, rest assured, if you are not comfortable with English, Mauritians are often trilingual or even polyglot and will always be able to help you.

The climate

The climate in Mauritius is a tropical climate which is divided into only 2 seasons: The summer and the austral winter. The summer extends at least from November to May and the austral winter from June to October.

During the summer temperatures rarely exceed 35°c along the coasts. It is necessary to count 2 to 3°c less inland.

During the southern winter, temperatures rarely fall below 20°c in the morning and evening, with days at 25°c along the coast.

Taxation in Mauritius

As we like to repeat here, the tax system in Mauritius is as mild as its climate. Although Mauritius is not a tax haven, the Republic of Mauritius is far away from the tax hells of Europe, especially that of France.

Taxation is simple in Mauritius, 15% VAT and 15% income tax.

The same income cannot be taxed more than once.

Add to this, that there is no habitation tax (or very small if you live in a big city), no property tax and even less inheritance tax.

And this is only part of the many tax advantages offered to foreigners wishing to reside in Mauritius.

Education: a national priority

Education is free in Mauritius, but expatriates will prefer a French or British private school. Indeed, Mauritius has several private schools of a high standard, where the uniform of rigour is required. They welcome students from nursery school to high school and are mainly located in the North, West and Centre of the island.

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