Administrative procedures in Mauritius

You simplify life is our goal

Time-consuming administrative procedures

The administrative procedures in Mauritius can sometimes be a real obstacle course. To cite just one example, that of the NTA (National Transport Authority), a step that you must take if you buy a second-hand vehicle.

While there is nothing complex about the process, waiting can discourage even the most reckless. It is not uncommon to wait 4 hours to simply collect a certificate of non-pledge. Then you have to go to the registration office in Port Louis, wait again, go from counter to counter, pay the taxes and then return to the NTA again.

The problem is that these steps took you all day, and it is not uncommon that after you go to the registry office, the NTA is closed and you have to go back the next day.

Aware that your time is precious and in order to save you time, we offer you an administrative service.

School pre-registration, apartment or villa rental, car purchase or rental, car registration, pets: We take care of everything!

You simplify life is our goal

  • Vehicle registration
    Vehicle registration

    We take care of all the steps with your insurer, the NTA and the registration office so that you can obtain your vehicle registration document for your vehicle.

    200 €
  • Pets

    We take care of the application for authorisation from the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the drafting of a letter of motivation to the Mauritian Veterinary Committee. We will also explain to you all the steps to be taken in your country of origin. Please note that your animal will be placed in quarantine (usually less than a week). This process being quite complex, it will be the subject of a close contact between the applicant and one of our team members.

    350 €
  • Company domiciliation
    Company domiciliation

    Do you need an address for your business mail or a secretarial service? Please note that this is a monthly rate. We are able to meet your needs. We invite you to tell us your expectations and your precise needs by contacting one of your contacts.

    25 €
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