Retired Permit

To be eligible for a retired permit, foreign nationals must be over 50 years of age.

The national must have an account in a Mauritian bank and transfer an initial amount of US$1,500 or its equivalent in foreign currency. Thereafter, the beneficiary of the Retired Permit will have to prove an annual transfer of US$ 18,000 per year or its equivalent in foreign currency.

 In summary, to obtain a retired permit, you must transfer a minimum of US$18,000 (approximately ‘16,000) to your account per permit year.

 At the end of the first three years of presence in Mauritius, your Occupation Permit entitles you to a permanent resident permit for a period of 10 years.

As with all residence permits, this permit is issued to the person who applies for it. It gives the right to applications for dependent residence permits for spouses, partners and children.

As from 1390 €
per permit application
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